If a membership card is required to access your premises, or you need to ease the check-in/check-out process for activities, then this feature is for you! Whether you use a scanner or manually enter your client's Amilia or membership ID, each entry is recorded. You'll have a view of:

  • The list of participants and quick access to their account;

  • Information pertaining to the applicable membership and/or activity;

  • The balance due in each participant's account;

  • The date and time for each check-in and check-out;

  • Updated attendance lists; 

  • Legal guardian and emergency contact information for child participants' security.

What is an Amilia ID?

Every client has an Amilia ID. Administrators can view it in the Personal Info section in the client's account. Clients can see it in the Members section of their user account and in the Access Cards section in the Amilia app. The Amilia ID serves as identification as well as proof of membership (if applicable).

  • When managing entry access with the Kiosk, clients require a printed membership on hand or may use the Amilia app on their handheld device.

  • When managing entries and check-ins/check-outs (Monitoring and Overview), clients do not require a printed membership but we still recommend they use the Amilia app to quickly access their Amilia ID. Administrators can also type in (or copy and paste) the client's Amilia ID in the applicable fields.

Recommendations for scanners

Ensure that the scanner you choose meets the following criteria:
1. Offers continuous scanning
2. Has keyboard mode
3. Scan in 2D
4. Is Bluetooth enabled (Note: most Bluetooth scanners are not compatible with iPads so doublecheck that the scanner you choose is compatible with iPads)

Brands we recommend: Epson, Motorola, Zebra

How it Works

1.  Create your Access Control(s)

2. Check-in/Check-out your Clients

3. Access Management FAQ

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