Prior to building your activities, you must first create a program. Programs group together activities that share characteristics such as registration dates, registration forms, and registration confirmation information.

Via the Activities>Programs subtab:

General information 

  • Name your program.

  • Your program's start and end date must be before the start and after the end of the activities it contains. For example, if your earliest activity starts on June 1st and your latest activity ends on Aug 31st, the program must begin on May 31st and end on Sep 1st.

  • Important Information (optional): This is incredibly useful in providing your participants with information. Upon clicking a program, clients are redirected to the store page where your activities are displayed. You can include a message on this page that everyone will see.

  • Confirmation of registration (optional): This message appears on the client's invoice after checkout as well as on the emailed copy. It also appears on the payment receipt if the payment is made at checkout.

  • Default activity view: If your program includes session-based activities, choose Session. If your program is comprised uniquely of drop-in classes, choose the preferred Calendar clients will view in the store.

  • Image (optional): Beautify your store with an image that represents your program.


  • Forms are mandatory.

Security & sharing

  • Visible to Clients: A check mark in this box means clients can see the program in your store. If no check mark is applied, it means your program is hidden.

  • Secret link: If your program is hidden from clients but you would like to share it with select people, send them the secret link.

  • Access Code (optional): Complete this field if clients require a code to access the activities in your program (whether it's visible or hidden).

Registration periods

You can create a Registration Period for each of your activity. To learn more about this feature, click here

Import a Program

Once you've created a program, you can duplicate it so you don't have to redo all the work.

  • Click on Activities>Edit.

  • Pull down the Operations menu and choose Import Program.

  • In the Program Import window, choose the program to duplicate and click on Import Activities. 

Remember to change the schedule of your activities and all other information you need to change. Don't forget to Save the modifications you make.

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